Migration Front thru Texas

"80% of the entire Eastern Population of the Monarch Butterfly, in some years as many as 180 million Monarchs, migrates down the Central Flyway and through Maverick County between October 12 and November 15th. Nightly populations can range as high as 100s of thousands during the first 2 weeks of migration. Specific roost sites are used year after year with populations in some individual trees reaching as high as 10,000 Monarchs. Simpson Street (south end), Weyrich Pecan Farm, Blanco Street,  Ralph Street are all good places to look!

Join us for tagging in the Park!

Please feel free to drive around observing the clusters. Respect the privacy of the property owners whose trees are filled with monarchs. The Nature Center does not conduct tours, but will conduct a public

“Tagging Event” in Shelby Park down on the banks of the Rio Grande on Saturday, October 24th, from 10 until noon."

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