Eagle Pass Supporters and "Wild Friends!"

We need your help!

As you are aware, the City Council voted unanimously on August 7th to award the use of the Ft. Duncan Commissary building and its grounds to the Nature Center as a classroom and interpretive center for the botanical garden we will construct similar to the facility at Langtry, but adapted to showcase local wildlife. This building is not habitable in its present state of disrepair.

Several foundations in Texas have informed the Rio Bravo Nature Center that they are eager to support our programs upon demonstration of local constituency support. This means that if we can show financial or in kind support from a group of local donors, they will move to fully fund many aspects of our Nature Center, including land acquisition and operational costs. Your support and assistance at this time are crucial to the success of the Rio Bravo Nature Center.

Since January 2001 we have:

  • Sponsored two local birding events
  • Offered two summer sessions of Ecology Day Camp for local youths.
  • Assisted butterfly researchers from UTEP
  • Sponsored several outdoor learning activities for local Girl Scout troops: wildflower identification, biological site assessment, butterfly tagging
  • Assisted in the establishment of a Science and Technology Club for Girl Scouts
  • Held a Bat House Workshop for the general public
  • Gotten Eagle Pass listed as the second site on the Texas Wildlife Trails recently created by Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Texas Department of Transportation.
  • Got two sites in Maverick County listed with the World Nature Trails.
  • Obtained from the City the use of an historic building for offices and interpretive center
  • Worked with over 450 students at Lee Elementary, Ray Darr Elementary, and Pete Gallego Elementary in the raising of monarch larvae through metamorphosis, release, and migration
  • Assisted and instructed AP Environmental science class at C. C. Winn High School in tagging and scientific data collecting on monarch butterflies in cooperation with research programs at the U. of Kansas.
  • Succeeded in having the month of October declared "Monarch Migration Month" by the Mayor of Eagle Pass.
  • Sponsored a Dia del Rio Festival October 20th where we planted 15 native trees in Shelby Park and co-hosted a fund raising event with the Girl Scouts
  • Received two grants from the RG/RBBC.
  • Received various donations, both cash and in-kind from local individuals and groups
  • Sponsored a Symbolic Monarch Migration in which we marched in the Veterans Day Parade where we hosted a group of Piedras Negras students from Correo Real.
  • Flew Mexico entomologist Eligio Garcia Serrano to Eagle Pass to speak to the public on the monarch preserves in Mexico
  • Hosted the Audubon Society of Houston and other groups from all over the Southwest at a Christmas bird count on December 15th.
  • Initiated a program at Lee Elementary to install aquariums in classrooms to provide students with a hands-on understanding of the nitrogen cycle.
  • Written monthly articles for the local newspaper.
  • Created a website that received 5414 session hits in its nine months of operation

The Nature Center needs:

  • Cash to purchase building supplies for reconstruction.
  • Signage
  • Computers
  • Encyclopedias
  • Yard work help
  • Tools
  • Furniture
  • Brochures printed
  • Desks, Child-sized Chairs, Tables, filing cabinets

Yes, we are in the early stages of getting started, but a core of dedicated local supporters to serve as "Founding Fathers" will give us a resounding kick-off!

Thank you very much for your consideration. All contributions are completely tax deductible. Please, let us add your name or that of your business to our "Wild Friends" list as willing contributors and supports of the Rio Bravo Nature Center Foundation, Inc.

Please, make checks payable to Rio Bravo Nature Center Foundation (building fund designation.)

Thank you!

The Board of Directors

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