To serve as a:
> Resource center for individuals and organizations wishing to reduce water bills while landscaping wisely for this arid region.
> Field lab research facility for graduate and undergraduate environmental science programs in the State University system.
> Training center for local public school science teachers in the ecology of the Rio Grande Watershed.
> Nature Encounter and Discovery center for children from ages 3 to 14 and their parents, as well as other interested individuals.
> Research Facility for public high school biology and environmental science classes.
> Center for community environmental and conservation based programs: Summer ecology camp, Plants of Southwest Texas, Outdoors Women, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts merit badges, River Ecology, etc.
> Tourist attraction for national and international eco-tourists interested in bird watching and this unique biosphere of the Rio Grande.
> Nature hiking trails highlighting local flora and fauna.
> Conservation center designed to preserve endangered species and their habitat.
> Resource for the preservation of the Rio Grande in the light of its status as a "National Heritage River."

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