It is the mission of The Rio Bravo Nature Center Foundation, Inc. to preserve native wildlife and its habitat in the Middle Rio Grande region. To this end, our commitment is to educate the youth of Southwest Texas in ecology, conservation, and nature awareness. The Nature Center will serve as a showcase for the conservation of indigenous endangered species and their habitat and promote public understanding of the Rio Grande, its ecosystem and status as a National Heritage River.

At the Nature Center, discovery lessons coordinate biology, geometry, algebra, and applied technology to learning in an outdoor, field laboratory maintained specifically for that purpose. According to the Texas Cyberways and Waterways learning project, "Students (enrolled in programs that integrate field labs and technology) become technically literate as they develop interdisciplinary real-world skills such as data analysis, graphical presentation, approximation, interpretation, critical thinking, and information synthesis using the environment as a contextual framework for learning." Students in such a program demonstrate significantly higher achievement not only in science and math, but also reading, writing, and social studies. In one such study, more than 90% of the students demonstrated improved thinking skills and interpersonal abilities.

Since good jobs will increasingly depend on people who can put knowledge to work and thus meet the challenge of technical literacy demanded by the future, it is the goal of the Rio Bravo Nature Center Foundation, Inc. to assist the community in bringing the children of Eagle Pass to the forefront of science literacy in the world market. This can best be accomplished by thinking AND learning OUTSIDE the box! Outside the classroom and outside in the real world."

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